Si ets emprenedor i tens una idea, volem conèixer-te!

Emprenbit neix per impulsar la competitivitat del teixit empresarial de les Illes Balears. T'ajudem a posar en marxa les teves idees, recolzant-te en el llançament de nous models de negoci basats en les noves tecnologies i la innovació.

Què és Programa #Emprenbit?

El Programa #Emprenbit de la Fundació Balear d'Innovació i Tecnologia del Govern dels Illes Balears és el conjunt d'infraestructures i serveis de suport a emprenedors amb idees de negoci innovadores. Els nostres serveis s'orienten a guiar els emprenedors en la definició i validació dels seus models de negoci, així com en el llançament i consolidació dels seus projectes d'empresa, a més d'oferir espais de treball a baix cost en un entorn ideal per al naixement de start-ups com és el Parc Bit

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University spin-off offers technical cooperation on sustainable material innovation - development of high-value lignin applications

23/Oct/2022 A Northern-German spin-off company offers technical cooperation agreements on feasibility assessment and further development of high-value application ... Llegir més

Optimising lab-on-a-chip applications

23/Oct/2022 Lab-on a chip applications often need to be able to measure the smallest currents on CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) chips. A German un ... Llegir més

Intelligent indicator materials to enable accurate imaging of electromagnetic distribution in the field: microwave thermograph

23/Oct/2022 A German university offers a new method for microwave thermography that uses a commercially available high definition (HD) optical camera and an indic ... Llegir més

Underwater images acquisition and processing system

23/Oct/2022 An Italian research team has developed an innovative low-cost stand-alone intelligent instrument for underwater image acquisition and processing.The t ... Llegir més

Innovative flip top cap for secure delivery of pharmaceutical products

22/Oct/2022 A French Technology Transfer Office is looking for industrial partners interested in cooperation under a licence agreement to produce and commercialis ... Llegir més

Eco-friendly plant extraction at industrial scale to develop and produce natural extracts for use in cosmetics, food, feed, fragrances, flavors or agriculture

22/Oct/2022 A French SME, specialising in green vegetal eco-extraction offers the access to its patented electromagnetic extraction technology to develop and prod ... Llegir més

Model of a vessel-on-a-chip to test dynamic variables in physiological conditions

21/Oct/2022 A Spanish biotech company developed a new vessel-on-a-chip with a range of angles and structures able to test the effect of vascular geometries relate ... Llegir més

A French SME offers an innovative solution for monitoring cold chain temperatures in real-time.

21/Oct/2022 A French SME offers an innovative solution to secure the transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, biologics, food and ... Llegir més

Air jet micronization for precision grain size powder production in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

21/Oct/2022 A French SME skilled in air jet micronization is offering this technology allowing precise grain size formulation for pharmaceutical or food related p ... Llegir més

A novel safety harness to replace child seats in cars

21/Oct/2022 A novel safety harness is on offer that compared to car seats is very slim and light yet has more points to limit unwanted movement. The inventors are ... Llegir més

Motor with electromagnetic piston for applications in industrial machinery as loading and unloading large boats or heavy vehicles

20/Oct/2022 A Spanish university has developed an electric motor whose piston surrounds a coil. The motor has a mobile and fixed piston, connected to a power sour ... Llegir més

Spanish SME offers organic fertiliser based on Tenebrio molitor insect frass for organic agriculture under commercial, technical and research cooperation agreement.

20/Oct/2022 Spanish SME produces Tenebrio molitor insect frass which is the first insect derived fertiliser registered for organic agriculture. It shows outstandi ... Llegir més

Advanced microfabrication techniques and flow simulations for the development of microfluidic devices applied to biomedical applications

20/Oct/2022 A Spanish biotech company developed unique microfabrication technique and flow simulation for the development of customised microfluidic devices appli ... Llegir més

Logistics and post-sales services for companies willing to develop their business in Italy

20/Oct/2022 An Italian SME with strong experience in informatics, electronics and ICT would like to offer technical assistance to foreign partners willing to expa ... Llegir més

Greek company processes dust from fragmented solar panels and seeks for technology aiming to remove mercury

20/Oct/2022 A Greek company active in the energy sector is interested in acquiring proper technology for removing mercury from dust. The partner sought should be ... Llegir més

Italian industrial group in the packaging sector seeks innovative, green materials to increase sustainability of its products

20/Oct/2022 An Italian industrial group, a world leader in the packaging sector, is looking for start-ups or scale-ups offering innovative technological materials ... Llegir més

Belarusian university is looking for partners to collaborate on joint projects in the field of medical electronics, digital medicine and innovative technologies for the medicine

19/Oct/2022 The Belarusian University has extensive experience in research and development in the field of medical electronics, innovative and digital technologie ... Llegir més

Development and application of new cost- and customer-oriented solutions for in-situ groundwater and soil remediation

19/Oct/2022 A German SME having a wide experience in the development of customized in-situ groundwater and soil remediation is looking for partners from industry ... Llegir més

A 3D-printed biomimetic tumour angiogenesis model

19/Oct/2022 A German university offers a model that can be used to analyse tumour growth, tumour angiogenesis and therapeutic effects on a 3D-printed cell model. ... Llegir més

Compound for the treatment of obesity and hyperlipidemia

19/Oct/2022 Research groups from two Spanish universities have identified a new compound that affects the enzyme responsible for the digestion of dietary fats and ... Llegir més

Electro-surgical device using plasma patented technology

19/Oct/2022 An Italian company active in the field of surgery has developed an innovative electro-surgical device aimed at the medical field for public and privat ... Llegir més

Intelligent digital real-time management and cloud optimisation for private / public transport organisations or operators offered by a French scale-up for technical cooperation

16/Oct/2022 A French scale-up has developed a package of intelligent digital systems : all-in-one, modular, off-the-shelf hardware, Cloud and Software as a Servic ... Llegir més

Advanced LED lighting systems applied to lamps for fermenters and photobioreactors

16/Oct/2022 A high-tech start-up established in Northern Italy in 2016 has developed in collaboration with research centres and universities an innovative system ... Llegir més

Recycling of hazardous carbon and glass fiber containing materials into valuable materials

15/Oct/2022 An Austrian SME with expertise in material science (classification and recycling) and mechatronics developed a mobile and automated process to collect ... Llegir més

Belarusian university offers scientific and technical cooperation on the joint development and testing of low-power gas microsystems on a nanostructured substrate to detect extremely low concentrations of toxic and explosive gases

15/Oct/2022 Belarusian university has developed a two-sensor gas microsystem on a nanostructured substrate of anodic alumina for monitoring the gas environment. T ... Llegir més

A test procedure for orthoses of the lower extremities with a dummy foot

15/Oct/2022 A German university?s invention uses an individualized foot dummy to provide the possibility of examining the lower leg orthosis in order to enable ad ... Llegir més

Bioinspired adhesive membranes for tissue regeneration

15/Oct/2022 Spanish nanoscience and nanotechnology research centre has developed an innovative, biocompatible, flexible and modifiable catechol-based membrane for ... Llegir més

New nanostructured electrodes for supercapacitors

15/Oct/2022 A Spanish university research group has developed a process to obtain nanostructured silver electrodes with a nanoporous structure in 3D, based on an ... Llegir més

Novel prognostic and predictive biomarker for colorectal cancer

15/Oct/2022 A research team from an university in Luxembourg has identified a new biomarker to early diagnose patients with colorectal cancer. This enhances patie ... Llegir més

Looking for high-resolution 0.1 nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU) turbidimeters or probes for checking the level of water transparency in private house swimming pools

15/Oct/2022 A French company specialises in equipment for swimming pool for individuals. In order to reduce electricity consumption for cleaning water by filtrati ... Llegir més

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