Si ets emprenedor i tens una idea, volem conèixer-te!

Emprenbit neix per impulsar la competitivitat del teixit empresarial de les Illes Balears. T'ajudem a posar en marxa les teves idees, recolzant-te en el llançament de nous models de negoci basats en les noves tecnologies i la innovació.

Què és Programa #Emprenbit?

El Programa #Emprenbit de la Fundació Balear d'Innovació i Tecnologia del Govern dels Illes Balears és el conjunt d'infraestructures i serveis de suport a emprenedors amb idees de negoci innovadores. Els nostres serveis s'orienten a guiar els emprenedors en la definició i validació dels seus models de negoci, així com en el llançament i consolidació dels seus projectes d'empresa, a més d'oferir espais de treball a baix cost en un entorn ideal per al naixement de start-ups com és el Parc Bit

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Optimized amplifier circuit for electric power transmission

02/Dec/2022 A German university developed an optimised amplifier circuit in the field of electric power transmission for e.g. electric vehicles and charging stati ... Llegir més

Routing problems and fleets optimization application

02/Dec/2022 A Spanish IT company offers an advanced technology that allows the optimization of fleets and routes. It calculates optimized routes for each and all ... Llegir més

Machinery and accessories for precast concrete offered within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance

02/Dec/2022 A Spanish company specialised in the design, production, commercialisation and maintenance of machinery and accessories for precast concrete offers de ... Llegir més

Innovative camera system for foreign object detection in food and frozen packaging

30/Nov/2022 A German SME has developed a camera system for the reliable foreign object detection in multihead weighers that detects bodies independent of material ... Llegir més

German Institute of Technology offers applied computational physics aiming to develop or improve green energy technologies.

01/Dec/2022 The research group offers multiphysical simulations to support partners in industry and academia during the development or improvement process of gree ... Llegir més

Spanish company specialised in solutions for industry 4.0 offering autonomous smart tags is looking for technical cooperation or commercial agreements.

30/Nov/2022 A Spanish company, specialised in solutions in the field of telecommunications offers customs autonomous smart tags in order to geolocate and measure ... Llegir més

Effective systems for authenticity and traceability in the food system (HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-01-11)

01/Dec/2022 An Italian research institute specialized in food authenticity and experienced in EU research projects seeks partners to join a Horizon Europe Cluster ... Llegir més

Smart Graph portal for quick and easy data visualisations and communication

30/Nov/2022 A Dutch SME has developed a platform to visualize data for analytics and communication. This interactive dashboard is offered for licensing and can be ... Llegir més

Russian company developed an innovative technology of mineral coatings and is offering a commercial agreement with a technical assistant.

01/Dec/2022 A Russian company from the Kaluga region is developing the technology of mineral coatings. This technology is an anti-friction wear-resistant coating, ... Llegir més

The device for disinfection and sterilization of face masks on the face with plasma activated aerosol

01/Dec/2022 There has been a new innovation developed by the team of researchers at the Slovak university in Bratislava region. The innovative device for more eff ... Llegir més

Manufacturer and co-developer sought for upscaling highly efficient industrial alkaline electrolysers (AEL) for producing hydrogen in the power range from 150kW to 50+ MW

30/Nov/2022 A Dutch company focusses on the future of hydrogen by developing, producing and marketing a highly efficient industrial alkaline electrolysers (AEL) f ... Llegir més

A Dutch manufacturer of fine art paints is looking for innovative technologies and inspiring solutions to make a 100 % recyclable tube packaging.

30/Nov/2022 A Dutch manufacturer of fine art paints is looking for innovative technologies, materials and solutions to make tube packaging for paint 100 % recycla ... Llegir més

Research cooperation agreement for nanoparticulate radiopharmaceutical containing iso-sulphane blue for sentinel lymph node detection in breast cancer

27/Nov/2022 A researcher from a reputable university located in Izmir, has developed a novel method that enables diagnosis of breast cancer at an early stage. Thi ... Llegir més

Submerged Bioprinting - 3D-Printing of cell-containing hydrogel structures with high geometrical complexity

26/Nov/2022 A German university offers a technology to print the conduits submerged in dense non-miscible solvents, such as fluorocarbons. It is characterised by ... Llegir més

Spanish company specialized in innovative process and formulations for pharma products is looking for new research cooperation and manufacturing agreements.

26/Nov/2022 The Spanish contract research company, based in Madrid, is providing R&D services for the development and manufacturing of new compounds and processes ... Llegir més

A Latvian university offers technology to develop advanced biodiesel

26/Nov/2022 A Latvian university is engaged in the commercialization of its own scientific and technical developments. Among them the University provides the tech ... Llegir més

Patented climate control technology for lowering energy (-40%) and electricity use (-95%) in airports

26/Nov/2022 A Swedish SME has developed a ground-based heating/cooling system as a source for climate control of an aircraft cabin. Key findings show at least 40% ... Llegir més

Heavy metal water purification by polymeric cryogel

25/Nov/2022 An Italian research team proposes a technology in the field of water/wastewater treatment. It provides new macroporous superabsorbent polymeric materi ... Llegir més

Tackling dysphagia through rehabilitation and diet

25/Nov/2022 A Basque (north of Spain) sanitary services provider has launched a challenge through an open-innovation platform: Reduce the risks derived from treat ... Llegir més

Low-power atmospheric cold plasma source for cornea infections treatment.

24/Nov/2022 An Italian research and innovation Institute has developed an innovative cold plasma (ionized gas at ambient temperature) source for biomedical applic ... Llegir més

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for travelguide for planning individiual journeys

24/Nov/2022 A SME from the south of Germany is active in the field of publishing travel guides. For a web supported individual planning of round trips, they are l ... Llegir més

Additive manufacturing in veterinary medicine ? seeking partners to develop and launch novel products

24/Nov/2022 A German company seeks to push the development and production of novel products for veterinary medicine using additive manufacturing (AM) technologies ... Llegir més

A Polish company is looking for coating that protects against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

24/Nov/2022 A Polish company active in the nano-technology sector is looking for a technology that allows for the production of a protective coating against virus ... Llegir més

A Dutch company is looking for biobased alternatives to wood for the construction of their so called ?Tiny Houses?.

23/Nov/2022 A Dutch carpentry factory is looking for alternatives for wood for the construction of so called ?Tiny Houses?, such as alternative biobased materials ... Llegir més

An Italian company offers an automated electrical household appliance for cooking pasta

20/Nov/2022 An Italian company has developed and patented an electrical household appliance that has the purpose of automatically cooking one or more bowls of pas ... Llegir més

A German start-up is looking for licensees for its cloud-based eMarketplace infrastructure

19/Nov/2022 A German start-up developed a cloud-based e-marketplace platform suite. The start-up is looking for licensees in European countries for the marketplac ... Llegir més

Hardware-based security module - Ethernet security dongle for secure authentication

19/Nov/2022 A German university offers a hardware-based security module that enables authentication of common information processing devices without having to mod ... Llegir més

Boron-based formulations for the treatment of muscular dystrophies and muscle injuries

19/Nov/2022 A Spanish biomedical research network center has developed a new therapeutic strategy for the treatment of pathophysiological conditions which affect ... Llegir més

Data-driven system to recover critical materials in electric and electronic equipments

18/Nov/2022 An innovative Italian SME, focused on environmental sustainability solutions, has developed a data-driven system providing an original approach to imp ... Llegir més

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