Si ets emprenedor i tens una idea, volem conèixer-te!

Emprenbit neix per impulsar la competitivitat del teixit empresarial de les Illes Balears. T'ajudem a posar en marxa les teves idees, recolzant-te en el llançament de nous models de negoci basats en les noves tecnologies i la innovació.

Què és Programa #Emprenbit?

El Programa #Emprenbit de la Fundació Balear d'Innovació i Tecnologia del Govern dels Illes Balears és el conjunt d'infraestructures i serveis de suport a emprenedors amb idees de negoci innovadores. Els nostres serveis s'orienten a guiar els emprenedors en la definició i validació dels seus models de negoci, així com en el llançament i consolidació dels seus projectes d'empresa, a més d'oferir espais de treball a baix cost en un entorn ideal per al naixement de start-ups com és el Parc Bit

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A Spanish company is offering an autopilots technology for unmanned air vehicles (UAV)

28/Jul/2022 A Spanish company founded in 2011 has developed an autopilot to be integrated by UAV manufacturers in their professional platforms and are offering to ... Llegir més

Seeking manufacturing partner to integrate a micro-surgical tool into a medical catheter device

28/Jul/2022 A German company together with a project partner have developed a medical endovascular catheter to remove blood clots and thromboses from the human bo ... Llegir més

Net height adjustment system for racket sports

27/Jul/2022 A multidisciplinary Spanish university has developed a new system for the mechanical regulation of the height and tension of tennis and paddle nets. I ... Llegir més

Italian University is offering the construction of stable mammalian cell lines hyper-producing recombinant proteins to pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centres.

27/Jul/2022 Biology and biotechnology department of an Italian University developed an efficient system to produce recombinant proteins in mammalian cells in cult ... Llegir més

Innovative technologies for medical devices

27/Jul/2022 Portuguese SME designs and develops products and projects (medical devices, physical and vestibular rehabilitation, physiotherapy, healthcare IoT, rob ... Llegir més

German partner sought for co-developing educational tablet app for children 6-10 years

27/Jul/2022 A French innovative company has specialised in developing mobile apps for digital learning. The SME is currently finalising the first digital handwrit ... Llegir més

Technology for the Glass Reinforced Pastics (GRP) separation and recovery from dismissed boat hulls

27/Jul/2022 An Italian national research body is currently running a research program focused on the technical, economic and legal feasibility of a national manag ... Llegir més

Highly durable rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems such as tram lines which make cycling safer in inner cities by closing gaps to prevent bike accidents

23/Jul/2022 A medium-sized German company specialized in rubber-based extrusion products has developed a new safety system for rail-based traffic systems. The cos ... Llegir més

In-vivo uterine fluid collection intrauterine device

23/Jul/2022 A Spanish multidisciplinary university has developed a new device for in vivo uterine fluid collection, without endometrial damage. Since the collecte ... Llegir més

Russian producer of capsule endoscopic medical equipment is looking for foreign partners

24/Jul/2022 A Russian company from Moscow has developed innovative technologies - a medical diagnostic complex based on video capsule endoscopy. Using this capsul ... Llegir més

Electronic water treatment system for use by hotels (swimming pools), maritime operators or water companies

23/Jul/2022 A UK company has developed an electronic water conditioning system that significantly reduces the need for chemicals and reduces limescale damage. The ... Llegir més

A Dutch company is looking for new ways or technologies to connect the pipes for their cooling systems faster and more efficiently without welding or soldering.

23/Jul/2022 A Dutch company is specialised in refrigeration technology. For the installation and maintenance of the cooling systems, the company is looking for ne ... Llegir més

3D printing technology for large scale works made with minerals powder

22/Jul/2022 An Italian SME, active since 2015, has developed proprietary technological solutions to produce 3D printers and systems to realize large scale works. ... Llegir més

Polish scientists offer method of immobilisation and encapsulation of bioactive materials for food products

22/Jul/2022 Polish scientists have developed a method of immobilisation and encapsulation of bioactive materials. The offered technology is suitable for the food ... Llegir més

UK company offering analytical tools and proprietary metrics innovation to locate, quantify and analyse digital presence and detect trends seeks commercial licensing agreements from partner(s) in France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

18/Jan/2022 UK company offers analytical tools and proprietary metrics capable of determining a unique set of signals from a business or sector?s digital presence ... Llegir més

A French, medical device SME, specialized in advanced wound care is looking for an in vivo model of cutaneous infected wounds to evaluate the efficiency of a new disruptive and patented wound treatment in mammals

22/Jul/2022 In order to determine the efficiency on cutaneous infected wounds of a new treatment, a middle-size French company is looking for an in vivo model of ... Llegir més

UK company specialising in smart 3D battery electrodes seeks to partner with battery fabrication and scale-up facilities, battery ink and active material suppliers, and electrode coating experts under technical cooperation agreement

22/Jul/2022 The UK company has developed a patent-pending smart optimised 3D battery electrode technology that works with different battery chemistries enabling p ... Llegir més

A Czech middle size company providing high tech solution for product leakage detection is looking for customers, mainly from Europe.

21/Jul/2022 The Czech company developing, manufacturing and implementing precise and sensitive testing systems for leak detection, is looking for customers mainly ... Llegir més

German research institute is offering its expertise in developing new coatings for industrial use

21/Jul/2022 A research institute from the southwest of Germany has developed a basis tool box for the development of new coatings for multifunctional protective w ... Llegir més

An Italian company offers a virtual reality technology simulating a real diving session into an underwater archaeological/cultural or natural site

21/Jul/2022 An Italian company offers a technology that allows to simulate a real diving session into an underwater archaeological site from the point of view of ... Llegir més

An apparatus for anodic oxidation of very small metal grids

21/Jul/2022 Slovenian public research institutes have developed an apparatus for the preparation of an immobilized nanostructured film strongly attached to a smal ... Llegir més

Cyber security software to detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats

20/Jul/2022 A German startup develops a software for open security analytics to detect, investigate and respond to cyber security threats before damage occurs. Th ... Llegir més

A young German company offers innovative grippers and services for highly flexible handling by robots in production or logistics

20/Jul/2022 A German spin-off of a local university specializes in the development and sale of highly adaptable grippers for robots in production and logistic app ... Llegir més

German manufacturer of micro algae and products is looking for partners under a research and/or technical cooperation agreement

20/Jul/2022 A German company, producing micro algae and preparations of different varieties, offers its cooperation in research and development topics under a res ... Llegir més

Polish research institute which offers cooperation in the field of 3D protein structures and protein ligand complexes is looking for business partners

20/Jul/2022 Bio-crystallography team with experience in supporting drug discovery projects organized a dedicated commercial laboratory in Poland?s leading biomedi ... Llegir més

A Chinese company seeks wireless charging solutions used in bathroom scenarios from the European market via a commercial agreement with technical assistance

16/Jul/2022 This is a Chinese company specialised in designing and manufacturing household appliances. According to the company's development strategy, it seeks w ... Llegir més

A Ukrainian R&D centre is looking for European and world research centres providing a range of training and internships for researchers

16/Jul/2022 A leading scientific institution in the educational system of Ukraine, with a history of over 20 years seeks out European and global research centres ... Llegir més

Battery-electric powered drive train system including motors, battery, controls and software for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)

15/Jul/2022 A German startup with comprehensive expertise in system layout of battery-electric powered machinery offers development and manufacturing of entire dr ... Llegir més

Multipurpose satellite platform using electric propulsion for small missions from Earth up to the Moon

15/Jul/2022 A German start-up has developed a flexible ready-to-use satellite platform for low-cost commercial or scientific missions of small payloads from low E ... Llegir més

Research and innovation for food loss and waste prevention and reduction through harmonised measurement and monitoring. HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-01-09 Consortium sought

05/Jan/2022 An institute at a German university of applied science is interested in joining a consortium for a research project to prevent and reduce food waste. ... Llegir més

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