Si ets emprenedor i tens una idea, volem conèixer-te!

Emprenbit neix per impulsar la competitivitat del teixit empresarial de les Illes Balears. T'ajudem a posar en marxa les teves idees, recolzant-te en el llançament de nous models de negoci basats en les noves tecnologies i la innovació.

Què és Programa #Emprenbit?

El Programa #Emprenbit de la Fundació Balear d'Innovació i Tecnologia del Govern dels Illes Balears és el conjunt d'infraestructures i serveis de suport a emprenedors amb idees de negoci innovadores. Els nostres serveis s'orienten a guiar els emprenedors en la definició i validació dels seus models de negoci, així com en el llançament i consolidació dels seus projectes d'empresa, a més d'oferir espais de treball a baix cost en un entorn ideal per al naixement de start-ups com és el Parc Bit

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A Greek SME company is interested in licensing a fire extinguishing solution for fireplace or wood burning stove chimneys

19/Jan/2023 A Greek SME company, providing products and services for the maintenance of chimneys has developed a safety product for the rapid extinguishing of fir ... Llegir més

Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Based Industrial IoT Solution

18/Jan/2023 A Turkish company with IPv6-based high-reliability wireless sensor networking solutions for IoT applications seeks partners under license and technica ... Llegir més

Multi-corporate pilot-driven acceleration program for international start-ups and scale-ups in the healthcare and biotech space.

09/Mar/2022 An Italian healthcare accelerator center launched the second edition of Italy?s largest acceleration program in Life Sciences and Healthcare, together ... Llegir més

Innovative electric quadricycle for last mile goods delivery

15/Jan/2023 An Italian innovative start-up has designed and patented a full electric vehicle conceived for goods transportation and designed with automotive stand ... Llegir més

German research cluster is looking for pilot customers and partners for a robust condition monitoring system using AI based data fusion of multivariate sensors

12/Jan/2023 German research cluster has bundled competences from non-destructive evaluation with industrial data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve ... Llegir més

A Bulgarian research institute offers a battery tester intended for low energy capacity batteries

18/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian research institute with more than 40 years of experience in R&D of specialised technologies and products for the aerospace and advanced ma ... Llegir més

Complex technology for the processing and converting the rice husks into high-tech carbon / silicon containing products

24/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian research team with experience in research and development in the field of general and inorganic chemistry has developed a technology based ... Llegir més

Bulgarian IT vendor offers specialized open source product for quality assurance and test engineers

24/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian company working in the IT field offers an open source test case management system (TCMS) targeting other companies with quality assurance ... Llegir més

Non-waste utilisation of copper pyro-metallurgical slag

31/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian research team has developed an innovative technology for non-waste utilisation of copper pyro-metallurgical slag. By means of thermochemic ... Llegir més

Composite bio-compatible material on the basis of titanium alloys and vitreous carbon coating intended for endoprosthesis

31/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian research team has developed new composite bio-compatible material on titanium basis with glassy (vitreous) carbon coating. It is intended ... Llegir més

Waterproof light-emitting diode (LED) lamps applicable for heavy duty industrial conditions

31/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian company with more than 12 years of experience in the R&D of light-emitting diode (LED) products and technologies has developed innovative ... Llegir més

Specialised scientific diagnostic system for assessing the effectiveness of operators in extreme conditions

31/Dec/2022 A Bulgarian research institute, with over 40 years of experience in R&D of specialised technologies and products, has developed an innovative scientif ... Llegir més

Lubricity of hydrogels in sliding-gel applications tailored directly in the moulds

23/Dec/2022 A Swiss university offers a fabrication method and tool to allow the production of hydrogels with tailored lubricity by controlling the degree of cros ... Llegir més

Workplace management software supporting organisation and collaborative use of hybrid workplaces

18/Dec/2022 A Northern German startup has developed a workplace management software supporting companies to effectively work and collaborate in hybrid teams, to m ... Llegir més

Post-processing of complex shaped, additive manufactured parts with high demands on accuracy and surface integrity

06/Jan/2023 A German university develops process chains, technologies and tools for micro and precision manufacturing. In addition to the production of components ... Llegir més

Offshore aquaculture technology: mobile autonomous ocean fish farm

22/Dec/2022 An inventor at a German company developed a patented mobile autonomous ocean fish farm, that resists offshore inclemency and that is low cost, low ris ... Llegir més

Spanish farmers association is offering technology, testing ground capacities and premises for agricultural EU-funded R&D projects and collaboration in R+D+i projects through a joint-venture or research cooperation agreement

30/Dec/2022 The association has many years of experience in the field of agricultural experimenting in Spain and in carrying out projects financed with EU Funds. ... Llegir més

Spanish company expert in agroindustrial biomass upcycling strategies is open for collaboration in circular bioeconomy initiatives for the recovery of plant bioactive compounds.

31/Dec/2022 Spanish company from Madrid with expertise in the extraction, chemical characterization and purification of bioactive compounds from plants has develo ... Llegir més

Baghouse filter manufacturer, expert in fumes and dusty air depollution, is looking for installers or a maintenance companies for technical cooperation

23/Dec/2022 A French SME, recognized expert for fumes and dusty air depollution, designs depollution solution from the intake to the outlet in the atmosphere. Bas ... Llegir més

A French DeepTech start-up offers cloud-based optimisation solvers for private and public companies facing complex operations planning issues under commercial agreement with technical assistance

23/Dec/2022 A French start-up has developed a cloud-based decision support system using cutting-edge technologies in mathematical optimization. Applications cover ... Llegir més

Retractable and multipurpose railing. Italian company is looking for technical cooperation agreements

22/Dec/2022 An Italian company is looking for new partners for technical cooperation agreements to further enhance its innovative and patented product: a retracta ... Llegir més

Italian biotech company specialized in production of innovative recombinant lytic enzymes is looking to join a consortium for Horizon Europe call

24/Dec/2022 Italian biotech SME committed to R&D, production and marketing of high quality lytic enzymes for cell therapy and regenerative medicine, currently off ... Llegir més

A Korean company is searching for distributors or research facilities that can apply its attention recovery training system, also capable of identifying early symptoms of ADHD

23/Dec/2022 The SME is located in South Korea, at a special area designated for national R&D projects. The company has developed an attention recovery training s ... Llegir més

Freeze drying equipment for production of innovative food products.

24/Dec/2022 An SME from Latvia that is focused on R&D solutions in the field of vacuum and cryogenic systems, has developed innovative freeze drying/sublimation e ... Llegir més

A modularly upgradeable lightning isolator

23/Dec/2022 A Macedonian company offers a modularly upgradeable lightning isolator with smart Early Streamer Emission (ESE) device. The solution enables multiple ... Llegir més

Low power artificial intelligence (AI)-on-the-edge real-time machine condition monitoring system for predictive maintenance

23/Dec/2022 A Singapore SME has developed a low power silicon-based AI technology that offers real-time learn-on-the-fly machine condition monitoring system that ... Llegir més

Slovenian inventor is looking for partners in the field of neuroscience for co-development of his device for non-invasive brain stimulation for treatment of specific mental disorders

29/Dec/2022 A Slovenian inventor has developed a prototype of a wearable device for transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS) to stimulate brain in a non-inv ... Llegir més

The university team has a new proposal of construction of sports line markings on a multifunctional sports playground and is looking for a licencee.

30/Dec/2022 There has been a new innovation developed by the team of researchers at the technical university in Bratislava region in Slovakia. New construction of ... Llegir més

New method for fetal fraction determination has been developed and is available for licence agreement.

24/Dec/2022 There has been a new innovation developed by the team of researchers at the medical university in Martin region in Slovakia. Compared to existing solu ... Llegir més

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